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Paranormal researchers Based in San Diego County of Southern California, the not-for-profit South Coast Paranormal provides outreach to a community of Californians troubled by experiences they believe to be paranormal. As a group of paranormal researchers in San Diego, our twofold objective is to help our clients
and to acquire evidence contributing to parascience. We invite you to browse our website.

For more information about the San Diego based Ghost Hunters, SCP, visit the About Us section of our website.


South Coast Paranormal has been investigating the Del Mar Fairgrounds
for over three years. Some of our findings have been made public by the local media.
San Diego Union Tribune, Rock 105.3 KIOZ, CBS Channel 8 San Diego and more.
Click the play button below to watch a compilation of the media coverage. KUSI, FOX and CBS.


SCP Podcast - The Paranormal Wave

SCP now has their very own Podcast, The Paranormal Wave. You can listen to our archives here. Or subscribe to the podcast by clicking this link. The Paranormal Wave offers you a fun glimpse of South Coast Paranormal's view of anything and everything in the range of "Paranormal".



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Who are the San Diego based Ghost Hunters, South Coast Paranormal? San Diego based Ghost Hunters, South Coast Paranormal, know that for many who live under the suspicion that their home is haunted, daily life can be, both, emotionally and psychologically stressful. People who are victims of paranormal activity often suffer in silence, out of fear that friends, coworkers, and even loved ones will judge them or question their soundness of mind. The erosive effect of lost sleep, damaged relationships, poor focus and diminished job performance lead eventually to profound self-doubt about their own grasp on reality. San Diego based Ghost Hunters, South Coast Paranormal, takes this threat very seriously, and we are there to help give you peace of mind in your home once again. Based in Southern California, South Coast Paranormal (SCP) provides research and assistance to Californians experiencing what they believe to be paranormal activity. Our group of highly skilled paranormal investigators and experienced paranormal researchers offer one of the most comprehensive approaches to paranormal investigating available today. What can you expect from the San Diego based Ghost Hunters, South Coast Paranormal? San Diego based Ghost Hunters, SCP’s investigations of reported paranormal activity, one rule outshines all others: “Rule out everything!” San Diego based Ghost Hunters, South Coast Paranormal, does not attempt to prove that your home is haunted. Rather, it attempts to disprove it by ruling out all possible causes—physical, emotional, and psychological. The first step is a private consultation, to talk to you about your experiences and offer suggestions based on our own acumen. Next, upon request, SCP will schedule a visit to your home or your place of privately owned business in order to perform a walkthrough of the premises with a selection of basic equipment (such as EMF meters, K-II meters, FLIR, geophones, audio recorders and still shot cameras for note taking). Individual interviews with family members will typically follow. Off site, a period of time is then committed to fact-finding and background research on such matters as property history and tragic or traumatic events potentially related to the site. We then return to the location with a small, friendly group of investigators to conduct our paranormal investigation, usually between the hours of 7 p.m. and 4 a.m., to which we come fully prepared to monitor the environment within the home? Our equipment setup ordinarily includes a DVR system, night vision video cameras, laptops, audio monitors, handheld video cameras with night-shot, Thermal Cameras (FLIR) still shot cameras, geophones, audio recorders, EMF meters, K-II meters, ambient thermometers and surface thermometers. We then attempt to duplicate or explain the paranormal activity using a logical and scientific approach. If paranormal anomalies have manifested during the investigation, we will likely have captured media evidence of them; therefore, following each investigation is an intensive period of evidence analysis, during which time we carefully select candidate audio and video clips for debate and discussion among ourselves. An assessment of all the evidence, however--including environmental data and information from the interviews--leads to a comprehensive report whose conclusions are supported by the strength of evidence accompanying it. Although some cases may require multiple investigations before a determination can be reached, return investigations are at the discretion of the client. Most importantly, the San Diego based Ghost Hunters, SCP, always value your privacy and will never post the details, or the findings of your case online without your permission. 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