a brief history of south coast paranormal

South Coast Paranormal began in 2004, although they were a part of another group in the beginning. "GhostInvestigations.com" was the first incarnation of SCP. Team Lead, David Walters, formed the San Diego Chapter of the GhostInvestigations.com team along with his then fiancé, Elleicia (Ellie) Walters.


After a conflict of interest between GI's founder and David Walters, David and Ellie took it upon themselves to act quickly, and build a new home for the former San Diego Chapter of GI. This marked the birth of Pacific Paranormal Investigations.


David and Ellie recruited a few new members to the team and before too long Pacific Paranormal Investigations was born.  After a few years, PPI had grown so much that an LA PPI had to be formed. The original members of PPI had noticed that the team had lost touch with the core values. David, Ellie and the original members put their heads together and decided to form another group. A smaller group with the original members who all shared the same core values. Helping people.


This is where South Coast Paranormal is officially founded. The first of many changes SCP made was to drop the TAPS Family Membership and cut all of our ties with TAPS and the largely fictional show, Ghost Hunters, and stick to the core values of paranormal research. You and your famiy are priority #1.

how can south coast paranormal help you?

South Coast Paranormal (SCP) is a very tight knit group of experienced, courteous, professional, and friendly paranormal research specialists in the San Diego area. Our number one goal is you and your family!


If you have a feeling that your residence has some paranormal activity going on. We are the group you want on your side! Through our decades of experience, we have found that the majority of paranormal  activity can almost always be explained. Plumbing, heater, air conditioning, rodents, bad insulation, broken sealants...this is just a small list of possible causes that can trigger fears of ghostly spirits roaming around our homes.


Although it is rare...there is always that chance that there could be a spirit haunting your home. When this is the case, there isn't anybody else you would want on your side. SCP has the experience and the connections to help you and your family.


We know there are other choices for you in and around the San Diego area, but there is no other team that is as grounded, experienced, knowledgeable, more dedicated, or trusted more than South Coast Paranormal.

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