TriField Natural EM Meter

One of our most reliable EMF Meters. With this unit we can distinguish the difference between Radio/Microwave fields, Electronic fields, Magnetic Fields or a SUM of both Magnetic and Radio/Microwave fields together. Very reliable piece of equipment and one of our personal favorites.

Motion Sensor Alarms

We use our Motion Sensor Alarms as an easy way to find out if objects move on their own in an empty room, and sometimes in the attic of our clients homes. We set these up and put a stationary DVR camera which is aimed to cover the room. Once one of these is set off, we make a note of the time and play back the video to see if it was a natural occurrence, or a paranormal anomaly.

Motion Sensor IR Still Shot Cameras

We are currently experimenting with these bad boys. These cameras don't use your typical "flash", but they use a flash of infrared which is unseen by the naked eye. We typically set these up in areas where there isn't much foot traffic. Much like a motion sensor, these guys trigger and take a series of snapshots when something moves in the room. It takes a series of shots once movement is detected until after movement has stopped. We can then analyze the shots to see if anything normal caused the camera to trigger. Mice, rats, possums, and maybe even ghosts as well.

Multiple DVRs

 We use DVR Systems to record the entire investigation with stationary cameras set up strategically throughout the home or place of business.

DVR IR Video Cameras

We have 12 of these DVR cameras.  They record in both color and black and white.  The IR night vision range is over 85' in total darkness.  We have over 1,400' of BNC cables that connect each camera to the DVR. These cameras are the backbone of gathering video evidence and are a must have on any investigation.

Digital Video Cameras

We use IR video cameras for both stationary cams, and hand held walkabout cams for note-taking and record keeping.  All of our Sony Camcorders are equipped with Sony's Super Night Shot Plus system.

IR Extensions

The Sony HVL-IRM is an absolute mandatory extension to any Sony Camcorder with Night shot.  These extensions enhance night vision immensely, allowing farther range with night shot and a clearer image of the area being recorded.

Shotgun Microphones

We use audio recorders in the hopes to catch Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).  Shotgun mics help increase the level of audio capturing devices either on cameras or stationary audio recorders. They are useful for debunking natural sounds, and for catching "paranormal" sounds and voices.

Audio Recorders

Audio recorders are crucial to the investigation process. We use audio recorders in the hopes to catch Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Audio recorders also play a very important role in recording the sounds in and around an investigation area. They are useful for debunking natural sounds, and for catching "paranormal" sounds and voices. Analog recorders are also used, along with different brands and models of other digital audio recorders.

Still Shot Cameras

All our cameras are used for documenting the investigations.  The classic "before and after" shots are what we go for here.  The photos we take before we start the investigation are used to compare with the photos taken at the end of the investigation.  If anything has moved, we can take a note of it, and be sure we find the source of the movement with our stationary video cameras.  The photos during the investigation play a crucial role in who was where, and what was happening at that time.  The cameras also work side-by-side with the thermometers and the EMF detectors.  If there are any spikes in EMF or "cold spots" that we can feel physically and see with our thermocouple, we take a picture in the hopes that we can prove or disprove a haunting. DSLR cameras are also used.

EMF Meters

The A. W. Sperry EMF detector is used to track down Electro-Magnetic variances during our investigation.  If these numbers start to "spike", we try our hardest to locate the source of the EMF, whether it be a household appliance or some electrical wiring.

K-II Meters

The K-II Meter was designed to pick up ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) shifts in an electromagnetic field. Originally designed to test electrical cords for EMF leakage, the K-II has also been found to be useful in determining safe distances from EMF fields. Health concerns about the negative effects of ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS (EMF) from appliances, power lines, and home wiring have caused the U.S. Government to issue a warning to use "Prudent Avoidance" to help reduce exposure to this risk.


High level EMF fields have been shown to have adverse effects on people who are sensitive to electronic/electric fields and have been proven to interfere with how the brain processes chemicals causing depression, hysteria, anxiety, feelings of being watched and even falsely seeing figures out of the corner of the eyes. Even more serious, is evidence that shows constant exposure to high EMF fields can cause brain and blood cancer.

Laptop Computers

SCP uses a large collection of computers to analyze evidence. Reviewing photographs, video, audio, tempurature fluctuations and compiling DVD's for each client's evidence review, computers are a must need for SCP. Apple, PC, notebooks, laptops and desktops are all used on every investigation, along with cutting edge, top of the line software. SCP does not take any shortcuts when it comes to analyzing evidence of the paranormal.

Surface and ambient Thermometers

Thermometer are used to measure the temperature of surfaces and areas.  These tools are used in combination to see the relationship between ambient room temp and surface room temp.  It's very useful for finding drafts located near a room's windows and doors.

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