members of South coast paranormal

david walters - co-founder - investigator

David Walters has been involved with paranormal investigating for more than half of his life. David brings an incredibly logical and scientific approach mixed with years of experience to the table. David was the founder/president of the San Diego group known as " San Diego chapter" as well as the Founder/President of Pacific Paranormal Investigations. David was also a part of the TAPS West Coast home team. David believes that when dealing with the paranormal, you should never have a closed mind! During the day David works as a Motion Graphics Supervisor for a local casino in San Diego.

elleicia walters - co-founder - investigator

Elleicia (Ellie for short) is a charming and sharp investigator as well as a fantastic Case Director. She has been involved with teams such as PPI, TAPS West Coast and, and she is certainly no stranger to things that may be going "bump" in the night. Trust me, if you're scared of your ghost, Ellie will be sure to scare it back for you! She has a knack for capturing EVP, and she is very quick to debunk!

brian johnson - case manager - investigator

Brian Johnson has been with South Coast Paranormal from the very beginning, during the SDGI, PPI and now SCP. He brings a solid investigative approach with a great understanding of our technical equipment. Brian has been a loyal team member, and is always willing and able to put in his time to help case management and evidence review.

Yolanda glidewell - investigator

A native San Diegan, I grew up loving the desert, critters of all sorts, weight training and even though those things along with my husband and two little girls have kept me busy and happy in my life, I have always had this nagging feeling there is probably more; way more. I obtained my degrees in science with one focusing on crime scene investigation, I have an impulse if you will to dig deeper and try to find the crux of a situation. I have had a lifelong interest in probing the paranormal but have never really indulged in a group situation; until SCP. I find this kind of work a challenge to my understanding of how things appear currently in the world around me and to embrace faith more whole heartedly. Since as long as I can remember, I have questioned the Universe and this work gives the Universe an opportunity to answer back. “The notion that science and spirituality are mutually exclusive does a disservice to both” Carl Sagan 1934-1996.

MARIO SANDOVAL - investigator

Mario is very in tune with his surroundings. Mario is very spiritual in nature, but he can also approach paranormal claims with a very down to earth and logical way of thinking.

LINDA ZWEIG - investigator

Linda has experience as a Police Officer, and approaches the paranormal with a very open mind. Linda's a great problem solver and has a very "no nonsense" investigation technique.

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