We are looking to add two investigators to our team. We do not charge a fee for our services, so these positions are strictly voluntary and without pay.


You must be at least 21 years of age to be considered. You must have your own vehicle. You must be living in San Diego County. Computer experience is required. Experience with video and audio equipment is a big plus.


We are a very fun, yet very serious group of people who believe in the paranormal, but we enter each investigation with a very skeptical approach as we try to explain the paranormal activity with a logical, scientific approach.


If you are afraid of the dark, or afraid of "ghosts" then please do not apply! We are not looking for adrenaline seekers, and we are not looking for psychics or mediums.


If you hear a bump in the night and try and figure out what the cause of the sound was, then please send us an email at request@scparanormal.com with the subject "Application". Tell us your name, age, phone number, and let us know why we should consider you for our team.


Thank you,

South Coast Paranormal

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